Complete Frequently asked questions & Yoga etiquette page

I’m not very flexible/ I’m not very strong, can I do yoga?

Yoga is not just for the bendy or the buff. There is a Yoga practice for everyone and while many of the classes will increase strength and flexibility, it can also just simply be about moving, breathing, quieting the mind and getting to know your body. Always check with your Doctor before starting any new or returning back to any Physical activity if you are unsure if Yoga or Meditation is right for you.

Do you cater for beginners & all levels? I am new to Yoga & or Meditation

Yes! sure dowe cater for all levels and because our class do not exceed 15 in a class for Yoga & 20 for Meditation classes. Your highly trained teacher is aware of & provides different skill levels & variations of poses to help all students in their practice. 

Practicing with friends or family in the same class

*IF you are wishing to book in at the same time as a friend or family member - Please note our classes are not designed for a social catch up we have a ZERO tollerence for talking amongst students in the studio before class or during class, the purpose of practicing in a yoga studio is to allow your self the time to quiet the mind & leave the outside world for just ‘your me time’ If you wish to catch up with friends this can be done in our driveway out side our centre or after class during a social tea if you wish quietly. 

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

I can’t do what everyone else can, is this right for me?

Every body is different so the odds are no two poses will look the same. Honor your body and just do what feels good. If it does not feel good, ask the teacher for help

IAlways Seek medical advice from your health care provider if starting or coming back to Yoga if you are unsure practicing is right for you, It is important to inform your teacher of your condition prior to the class so that they can modify the asana (poses) to suit your condition! 

Can I attend casually or trial classes & how much do your classes cost? 

This is a boutique studio class sizes do not exceed 15 students in a class our students comfirm a weekly regular class.

if you need to miss your regular class no worries, you can absentee out 2 hours in advance ONLINE ONLY THROUGH A LOGIN WE GIVE YOU AT THE START OF TERM & look for a make up class during the term.

not applicable for meditation classes on Monday nights only 


Classes range from 45 minutes to 70 minutes & fees can range from $17 to $25 on average per class all prepaid per term block! We can send you availability, start dates for our next classes on request please email us direct to express interest! Classes also run Monday to Saturday mornings & evenings. No drop ins.

Plus be granted access to enjoy some bonus classes during the term no extra charge (Some conditions apply) Saving you $ 

For example book in for 10 weeks of 70 minute classes & receive bonus class opitions to attend during the term which provides you extra class access with no extra fees. 

Not available for Prenatal Yoga & Meditation classes 

Make up classes not available for Meditation we run only one a week.

Cancellations/ no shows policy 

Please note 3 or more no-shows over a current term  

  • your booking privileges to look for and attend a new or bonus classes will be revoked completely.  No credits/ no refunds for any reason & no extra bonus classes will be awarded to your membership with in your current term booked for lack to attendance. You will be left only with access to attend your weekly class secured at time of payment online. 

Please note make up classes or are not available for Meditation only due to one class a week & Prenatal Yoga only have access to look for make up classes & no bonus extra classes.  


STEP ONE: On the first day of every term you are given a club work login & password, if you can not make a class, or would like to access the system to book into extra classes which are complimentary & are a privilege you are expected to manage this yourself.  

STEP TWO: If something changes during the term your login in is the access point you a required to manage your own bookings.

STEP THREE:, All members are granted a 2 hours window or more’ to cancel classes confirmed which you manage through clubworx only & can not be overridden by managed. 

Yoga etiquette

TAPAS (Discipline/action)

*Please arrive to class on time. Late entries will only be allowed up to 2 minutes after class start time.

Once we have confirmed your attendance online, Doors are open 10 minutes prior to class start time, please arrive to class anytime from then. 

Please note we open the studio room early for relaxing only. We have a stirct Zero tollerance for talking in the Yoga studio amongst other students before or during class. It is highly distracting for those wishing to concentrate on there relaxtion and practice.

If you are coming along with friends or get to know students please note catch ups are done out side in the Zen garden before or after class. If you are I the same class as a friend we suggest practicing away from each other to avoid the temptation to chat or comment on your individual practice during class. Even though this is a group class it's a personal experience and requires focus and respect for those around you.

Yoga Niyamas: Please observe the following

Saucha (Cleanliness/Purity)

Yoga is practiced in bare feet so please remove your shoes before entering the studio,

Body odour & or personal Hygiene

Sweating is a great way to release toxins in the body. However, if you sweat a lot, bring a towel to go over your mat so we can keep our props clean and fresh. We are practicing & breathing in close proximity to other students so please note it is respectful for all to be mindful of your personal body scent. Please arrive reasonably clean, shower before coming to class if you have body odour and then apply deodrant spray to insure we can be respectful of others in there own practice. Please note t shirts, and singlets can harbour Body odour if unwashed and some more than others. Please be mindful and choose breathable fabrics to practice in.

Please do not wear HEAVY perfumes to class. If a smoker please refrain from smoking in the clothes your wearing to class & at least 1 hour before class.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. 

Please allow 2 hours after eating a heavy meal and 1 hour after something light before practicing.

Will Yoga help me lose weight?

Hard to answer actually,  there are so many factors at play, age, lifestyle, genetic make up etc.....What we know is 80% of weight regulation comes down to what we EAT & around 20% is through excerise. 

What to wear & bring

Please wear non-restrictive comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement but nothing too baggy or loose.

We provide mats, and all equipment. We have taken care of everything for you.

Our Mats are cleaned before classes with natural anti bacterial 100% essential oils & natural ingredients. We look after you from start to finish no need to bring anything! For Meditation classes- We supply some chairs if you need one to sit on, or we supply comfy cushions as well.

Santosha (Contentment)

Yoga is non-competitive.  Please respect your body and its limits.  Yoga is a life long journey not a finite goal.  Rest whenever you need to.  We encourage listening to your body and tuning in to what is right for you regardless of what everyone else is doing.

Please notify the instructor of any injuries that you may have prior to the class and inform them if something doesn’t feel right.

Svadhyaya (Self-study)Please leave all of your expectations and judgments of yourself and others at the door.  We strive to respect diversity in all beings. Also we have a ZERO tolerance of unruelly behaviour. Please note youor teacher is here to help, for us to help you we expect polite and respectful behaviour in our studio. All studio rules are there to help & are fare for everyone.

Students can be turned away for unrulely behaviour.

Studio space etiquette

Please enter the studio space quietly & refrain from chatter within the studio. Our beautiful zen space outside the studio is available to chat with friends or teacher before entering the studio room. We welcome questions during class however please kindly pop your hand up & your teacher is happy to assist quietly respecting all participants relaxing time.

Do I need to bring water? 

You can if you like, however we have complimentary Gourmet signature teas.

Beautifully made with all fresh naturally healthy & yummy ingredients like like lime, toasted coconut and honey or orange peel cinnamon, honey and clove!  We can be spoilt with over 10 different gourmets freshly made teas through out the term by 'yes' a real chef! Dominique's husband has worked as a head chef in Chapel st Windsor! We are truly lucky and spoilt during class times! 

What type of styles of Yoga do we practice in the studio?

If in a yoga class except yoga core and prenatal yoga which are specific to the name suggest, our students enjoy the blend of hatha & Vinyasa yoga, each week we theme our classes to take our students through the many benefits of yoga, for example one week we will practice a class which includes health benefits for dealing with stress, then another week finding more courage, balance etc.! Every week is new and exciting! We cater for beginners all the way up! 

Where are you located? 

Please note once enrolled you will be sent an invoice confirming your place in the studio for classes, the starts dates, address of studio etc is all on your invoice as well as on our contact page! This is a private studio, please note we do not except drop ins to classes (limited spots and pre booked) please insure you have booked online before attending group classes in the studio in advance online.

The Team at Taylors hill Natural Therapies Yoga

Do you offer site tour of the studio?

Unfortunately no, we run classes during various time and days and are unable to show you through! however if you would like to get a great idea of the ambience of the studio feel free to visit our photo's page on our website link.

Do you cater for Pregnant women?
Yes, to all of the above.  Our Saturday 9.20am & Wed 6:30pm Prenatal class is the only class. We cater from any trimester to full term or overdue students. Classes are subject to availability, always chat with a doctor before starting a new activity & kept your yoga teacher know anything that maybe important for your practice. We understand that you can not predict when you will become pregnant so if this is occurring and you are in a non parental yoga class during your first trimester we would be happy to move you through to a prenatal class or your welcome to stay in a normal class during your first trimester beyond this time a prenatal yoga class will be offered to you for trimester 2 & 3!  

If I am attending a normal yoga class and I become Pregnant what then?

If you are in the early stages of Pregnancy and find out while attending our normal classes, you are welcome to practice until 12 weeks along in your first trimester. However, the teacher must be informed before your next class and also please let the studio know via email. Your teacher is happy to make slight variations for your practice during that current term you are booked in for. We will then offer you a spot for the next term in a Prenatal Yoga class to practice in your 2nd & 3rd trimester & wait list you for the next term. Prenatal class on Saturdays 

How often should I attend class?
Regular attendance to class is encouraged to get the most benefit from class. This also encourages consistency in the class. Attending once a week, you will observe benefits.  If you can enroll in more that is ideal to. In our Monthly newsletter we will provide you with handy hints to practice at home as well. Even if its just for 10 minutes it can help. 

What is the minimum age of attending classes in the studio?

We welcome 16 years & up if a student wishes to attend that is 16 or 17 they will be required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also booked into the same class.

Payments for classes & terms and conditions!

Pre payment for classes are in advance before you begin for term or classes you are offered; we except Visa & MasterCard for payments once a class spot is offered to you for the current or next term! Sales are final. Full terms and conditions here.

Health fund rebates may apply after completion of classes. 

Please refer to our page on Health funds to receive further information. Health fund page link.


I have tried to book my spot & when I got to the Payment page an era message came up, or a blank screen can you help?

All systems are working fine from our end. If you are trying to book in on your WIFI, sometimes your Wi-Fi is running slow and the payment will time out which won't charge or book you in. So we suggest using 4g if you in counter that problem while using the internet on your devices to then successfully book in if space still available.

Thank you for taking the time to read our company policy & Faq sheet

The Team Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga