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Please check out all the FAQ's below for Yoga classes 

Please note if you wishing to check out faqs on prenatal to visit this link    

What style of Yoga do you offer, & how long is a class?

Vinyasa Yoga - A dynamic practice balancing structure and stability with breath and movement between poses. Technique is refined, and alternatives given for challenging poses to suit your body’s needs.  You’ll improve posture, body tone, core strength, energy and leave feeling balanced and calm.

Every so often a Restorative class 

A relaxing class with deep stretches and core awareness. Improves joint mobility, flexibility and activation of muscles post injury, training and stress. Supports physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. 

An inspiring blend of Vinyasa Yoga, Breath work, Chants & Meditation with Dominique Senior Yoga teacher & Spiritual Healer  

What are the fees for your Yoga classes?

General Yoga classes run for 70 minutes and our rates & class time table can be viewed here 

How do I purchase a pass & start booking in for your classes?


To purchase your pass proceed to the BOOK ONLINE BUTTON. Upload the MINDBODY app, follow the prompts  if this is your first time logging in, selctect your pass & start booking your term 4 schedule in.


What if I need to a miss a class I have booked?

We understand things come up from time time which may prevent you from attending a booked class for this reason we have a very generous 2 hour cancellation window, student expected to manage any booking they make and cancel out any class they can not make at least 2 hours before. 

Please note any class you can not make is required to be cancelled out at least a 2 hour before the scheduled class online in your MIND BODY APP - by cancelling out our clas you freee up the mat for another student also in the studio to attend plus it means more availability for everyone.

*Please note we underserstand life gets busy and sometimes it would be helpful to book on the go, this is why you can also even book a class up to 30 minutes before a scheduled class (subject to availability) online through your MIND BODY APP after you have purchased a pass if prebooking in advance seems to be difficult to commit too and life changes moment to moment * With over 9 classes a week we understand sometimes you just need a bit more flexibility.

If I do a miss the class without cancelling out in the Mind body app what then?

Missing a class or missing the generous 2+hour time window to cancel your class will simply be a lost class if you are not able to attend.

With the unlimited pass or unlimited add on upgrade - potentially you may be charged a $10 late notice cancellation or no show fee. To avoid this in the future from happening please manage your booking.

To avoid this charge and or any disruption to your acces to classes please manage all your bookings & classes & simply cancel any class you are uanble to make at least 2hours before in your MINDBODY APP

No transfers, refunds or credits for any reason for any unused classes.  Thank you for your understanding in advance.


If I am attending these classes & I find out I am Pregnant what then?

If you are in the early stages of Pregnancy and find out while attending our normal classes, you are welcome to practice until 12 weeks along in your first trimester. However, the teacher must be informed before your next class and also please let the studio know via email

Your quialifed Prenatal teacher is happy to make slight variations for your practice during that current term you are booked in for. We will then offer you a spot for the next term in a Prenatal Yoga class to practice in your 2nd & 3rd trimester & wait list you for the next term. Prenatal class on Saturdays 

If there is space to transfer into the prenatal Yoga classes we would be happy to move you - additional fees may apply.

Payment era or having trouble setting up the mind body app, who do I talk too?

Having trouble setting up an account in mind body, they have 24/7 life chat online, they would be very happy to chat with you and assist with your issue.

If for any reason you have a question regarding your invoice sent after purchase, please email us direct and we would be happy to assist. 

I am not sure I will be able to keep up, or do ever pose, will I be ok?

Every body is different so the odds are no two poses will look the same. Honor your body and just do what feels good. If it does not feel good, ask the teacher for help

Always Seek medical advice from your health care provider if starting or coming back to Yoga if you are unsure practicing is right for you, It is important to inform your teacher of your condition prior to the class so that they can modify the asana (poses) to suit your condition! 

Can I attend casually or trial first?

A minimum 5 classes pass may be a trial period offered in our boutique private studio.

Thank you for understanding our terms of attendance.

What are your payment terms for Meditaiton classes?

To secure a spot and when a term spot can be offered to a new studnent - Pre-payment for classes in advance online through the MIND BODY APP once a class spot is offered to you for the current or next term! Sales are final.  Payment & Full studio terms and conditions here.

No transfers, refunds or credits for any reason for any unused classes once purchase is authorised. If in the event you may not be able to attend the entire term you may gift your pass & transfer it to a friend by requesting this from the details of your emailed receipt only. Please keep that handy.

No transfers, refunds or credits for any reason for any unused classes.

Do you offer make up classes if I need to miss a Meditaiton classes?

Unfortantely we are unable to offer make up classes either as there is only one class running per week on Mondays 8pm for Meditaiton classes in the studio. We encourage oour students to attend all classes to get the best benefits and value out of your commitment.

Where are you located? 

·       Where are you located? 

41 Loddon Drive Taylors Hill - the studio is in a residential area - no walk ins. 

Do I need to book before attending your classes?

Yes,  all classes must be pre booked in advance through the MIND BODY APP, if you are unable to see a pass for Meditation only we maybe booked out at the moment - please Contact us for fees, timetable, extra faq's & availability

Do you offer site tours of the studio?

Unfortunately no, however if its important for you to see what or studio looks like please feel free to visit our photo's page on our website link.

Whats is the minimum age some one can attend classes?

We welcome 16 years & up if a student wishes to attend that is 16 or 17 they will be required to be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is also booked into the same class on there own pass. 2 term passes will be required to be purchased on different login in's

Do you offer Health Fund rebates for meditation classes?

 Please refer to our page on Health funds to receive further information. Health fund page link.

Do you cater for beginners & whats your class size capped at? 

Yes! sure dowe cater for all levels and our classes size do not exceed 16 

Do you I need to bring anything?

Nope, just yourself. What makes this place trully special is all the mats are clean, props are all laid out ready for you. 

What should I wear?

Work out wear, tights tracksuits (ankle high), singlets, t shirts etc

I am unsure if Yoga is right for me? 

Always Seek medical advice from your health care provider if starting new practice and you unsure. 

Could not find my question?

If searching through & reading our very detailed FAQ sheet you could not find your question, please 


Email raphminaturaltherapies@gmail.com


Do you have a studio etiqutte and what is expected of me if I am attending classes?

We know you would expect a calm, inviting environment, which our caring staff works hard to provide & our current students enjoy.

Our studio policy is in line with 'Yoga Australia's core value's, please become familiar with our studio policy so we can insure a sanctuary of calm & relaxation for all.

All helpful questions & answers should be also listed below. 

·       if attending the studio for classes please refrain from wearing and applying perfume/cologne before coming to the studio.

·       If you’re coming from work, please take the time to use the studio bathroom to freshen up before entering the studio & removing any perfume applied or cologne during the day or morning. Some people are sensitive to strong smells and remember everyone is trying to breathe deeply! If a smoker please do not smoke in the clothes you are wearing to Yoga or meditation & please refrain from smoking at least 1 hour before class.

·       Strong Bodily odour can be offensive especially in Yoga & highly distracting during class so please shower before coming to class in clean work out wear & preferably cotton tops that are breathable.

·       Please apply a low scented Deodorant Spray before all classes & or after showering.

·       It’s best to empty your bladder and ideally the bowels before the class begins and come to class on an empty stomach. A light snack 1 hour before or full mean at least 2hours before class starts is ideal for practicing Yoga. 

·       Before entering the Yoga sanctuary please leave your shoes just outside on the shoe rack and enter the studio barefoot & very quietly. 

·       Please leave your mobile phones completely off & left in the storage spaces provided outside the studio door. This is really important to us. Phones ringing and buzzing near the studio during practice can be very disruptive and besides, class is an excellent chance to switch off from the rest of the world. If you forget and your phone rings, please go outside quietly & switch it off straight away to minimise disruption. 

·        ALL belongings including Car Key(s), hand bags and jackets are to be left in the storage space allocated just before entering the Yoga room the front entrance is locked during the class time.

·        Please refrain from wearing Jewellery that is heavy & or noisy that could be distracting while we are moving, twisting & forward folding. It is better to wear as little jewellery as possible to Yoga.

·       As a general rule, please respect the teacher and students; and the studio as a space for retreat, calm relaxation, sanctuary, a place for reflection and meditation. Please pop your hand up Quietly if you require assistants or come out of the pose if you wish to sit out the pose. We are unable to accommodate calling out or speaking out in class, as it is highly distractive to the practice & other students & teacher in the class in deep thought and concentration.

·       Please insure you arrive on time or at least 10 minutes before class. The doors to the front entrance are strictly locked no later than 2 minutes after your scheduled class start has started.  

·       Please try to hydrate thirty minutes prior to practice and afterwards, not during. Not only can this create noise, drinking cools the body down and impedes the bodily heat transfer that yoga generates, which is ultimately one of the goals of practice. 

·       Some people view yoga as having a spiritual dimension. This is not for everyone; however, we welcome and respect any person’s reason for attending class whether it is for fitness, strength, flexibility, meditation or mindfulness – or a combination of all of the above.

·       Yoga is not just for the bendy or the buff. There is a Yoga practice for everyone and while many of the classes will increase strength and flexibility, it can also just simply be about moving, breathing, quieting the mind and getting to know your body. Always check with your Doctor before starting any new or returning back to any Physical activity if you are unsure if Yoga or Meditation is right for you.

Could not find your question?

If searching through & reading our very detailed FAQ sheet you could not find your question, please email us here? raphminaturaltherapies@gmail.com