Meditation group classes

If you have ever suffered high levels of stress, depressions, racing mind, uncontrolled thoughts, sleeping issues, anger issues or just find it hard to relax. This might be just right for you.

You will learn:

  • Breathing techniques to help you relax instantly.

  • How to prepare your Meditation space. What you will need. 

  • Learn the Twin Hearts Meditation that is practiced weekly in our popular Meditation group.

  • Create wishes and goals that can help you get closer to and or achieve by practicing Meditation. 

  • Learn techniques to connect with higher, divine energies and much more

  • Our classes are designed for adults however if you have a child that would like to attend with you the minimum age is 16+ accompanied by an adult 


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Client Review 
Client review Hey Dom,

Even though I’ve been enjoying every one of your meditation classes and healing sessions I must say tonight was amazing it was like you were in tune to me lol I have spent the past few days struggling to deal with negativity, as in coming from others (one person in particular) and tonight’s session just helped me realize what I’ve been doing is right & what I need to continue to do.

This may not be making much sense to you lol but basically just wanted to say 'thanks'

Night x

Email Recevied Monday 21st  August 2017


Private one on one or small private group sessions

Private Meditation session for 1 


60 mins

Private group 2 to 3 people 


90 mins

Inclusions: Learn the art of the Twin Hearts Meditation in addition receive a Spiritual Healing & chakra & Energy rebalance with a 1600 century Tibeten singing bowl to complete your experience..

With our compliments you will receive a take home copy of our recorded Twin Hearts audio to practice with when ever you like and step by step note to help you through your practice.

If you would like to a book a private one on one or small group booking with firends etc please book at this link  ONLINE BOOKINGS

**We also run Meditation classes every term, these classes are usually prebooked per term & full with regular students, you are also welcome to express interest if you would like to go on our wait list. If a spot comes up we can let you know as per our wait list for these classes**