Before you receive access to final spots available for term 2 (which will be very limited due to the popular return rates of our term 1 students.) Please insure you have completely read our studio expectations applicable for ALL booking in & entry attending our private boutique studio.


We cater for Beginners & all levels - We have firm rules of attendance and practice. If you agree to all below feel free to book a final spot once the enrolments come out at 3pm via email on this Thursday 22nd March.


Studio space etiquette

Please enter the reception, ZEN garden QUIETLY.

 There is NO talking at all once in the Yoga studio.

 You may also be booking in with a friend THIS IS NOT YOUR SOCIAL CATCH UP TIME. 

 If you feel the need to chat with friends or other students you can by all means out in the driveway.

 Your teacher will do her best to be available & waiting just outside the Yoga studio doors to greet you, you are welcome to ask quiet questions about practice or any concerns you have about poses or your body limitations or range of movement before the class starts out in the Zen garden, she can give suggestions before class to make it more comfortable for you .

 If something does not feel right in a pose during class it is not appropriate to call out the issue it is highly distractive to others and can be actually dangerous. 

 Simply come out of the pose and rest in child’s pose.(which we teach you) You are welcome to address the concern you have with the pose at the end of the class.

We also suggest never sitting near some one you know, it can be tempting to get distracted and chat, again its your time & everyones else’s to relax, it is highly disruptive and you will be asked to leave immediately.


Yoga etiquette

TAPAS (Discipline/action & quiet at all time in the studio)

*Please arrive to class on time. Late entries will only be allowed up to 2 minutes after class start time. If you miss the door you are locked out, no credits, no refunds for any reason. 

Once we have confirmed your attendance online, Doors are open 10 minutes prior to class start time, please arrive to class anytime from then. 

Please note we open the studio room early for relaxing only to let go of the day before just jumping into the practice. 


Body odour & or personal Hygiene

Sweating is a great way to release toxins in the body. However, if you sweat a lot, bring a hand towel to go over your mat so we can keep our props clean and fresh. We are practicing & breathing in close proximity to other students so please note it is respectful for all to be mindful of your personal body scent. Please arrive reasonably clean, shower before coming to class if you have body odour from the morning or day and then apply deodrant spray to insure we can be respectful of others in there own practice. Please note t shirts, and singlets can harbour Body odour if unwashed and some more than others. Please be mindful and choose breathable fabrics to practice in.

Please do not wear HEAVY perfumes to class there is no need for this practice. If a smoker please refrain from smoking in the clothes your wearing to class & at least 1 hour before class.

Svadhyaya (Self-study) Please leave all of your expectations and judgments of yourself and others at the door.  We strive to respect diversity in all beings. Also we have a ZERO tolerance of unruelly behaviour. Please note your teacher is here to help, for us to help you we expect polite and respectful behaviour in our studio. All studio rules are there to help & are fare for everyones pleasant experience at every class.

Students can be turned away from class for unrulely behaviour (no refund & no credits)


Santosha (Contentment)

Yoga is non-competitive.  Please respect your body and its limits.  Yoga is a life long journey not a finite goal.  Rest whenever you need to.  We encourage listening to your body and tuning in to what is right for you regardless of what everyone else is doing.

Please notify the instructor of any injuries that you may have prior to the class and inform them if something has not felt right.


Sorry if we sound harsh it truly is to provide the service our studio pay for & have grown to expect, focus, calm & relax in. Your results are important to us.

If our studio sounds like the right fit for you we hope to provide a space for you to come along next term on Thursday at 3pm via email.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our studio policy 

The Team Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga