Ear Candling 

If you suffer from any of the following issues then Ear Candling may help you...

  • Blocked ears

  • Heavy Wax Build Up

  • Sinusitis 

  • Suffer fron colds & Flus 

  • Inner ear Rings 

  • Possible hearing issues from wax build up

A treatment requires a pair of specialised ‘candles’ to be used in the ears - they are not candles as such but hollow tubes made from cotton, linen or hemp, which are sprayed with beeswax and infused with honey and herbs. The burning of these candles takes about 10 minutes for each ear, and a practitioner usually follows this with a gentle massage of the face, ears, neck and scalp to enhance the effects of the candling. Appointment s can be requested for 16 years & up. 




Ear Candling treatment with facial sinus massage 


30 mins

Massaging with a blend of warm eucalyptus & Ginger Essential oils to sooth and help release tensions & prevent colds, coughs congestions.



Receive a 10% saving at time of appointment when presenting a valid Pension card, Student card or health card