Prenatal Yoga Reviews

Yoga has so many great health benefits for, during & after pregnancy. It is so great to hear about wonderful experiences.

Prenatal Yoga review

Hi Dominque,
I attended prenatal yoga for two terms and just wanted to say I loved Chiara's class. It was definitely something that helped me get balance throughout my pregnancy and helped during delivery. 

I was fortunate to have a wonderful quick delivery and gave birth to my son in early Jan. He arrived in the world 15 mins after the water broke and he is my first child. My contractions were on and off and began 52 hours before he was born. They got very painful and had to resort to gas 45 mins before he was born. Active Labour was 7 hours. Overall, I had a great Labour and recovered well except for the ab separation which caused a couple days of pain. 

Can you please pass on this info to Chiara and thank her again for me. 

All the best. 
Susan (Term 3 & 4 2015)