Spiritual Healing Therapy 

Introducing Dominique Advance Spiritual Healer & Founder of Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga 

In the past suffering with Anxiety & Depression for over 10 years Dominique first came to enjoy the benefits of Pranic Healing & Reiki in 2008, which helped overcome her long standing battle with depression & anxiety. Seeing the positive improvement in a very short time. Wanting to help others and studing for over 3 years learning the art of both healing modalities becoming recognised & a certifed advance International Healer. Treating 100's of clients succesfully since 2008 feels very passionate about helping others move towards better health & wellness with natural therapies such as Pranic Healing & Reiki.  

Dominique is a highly experienced Reiki, Pranic healing & trauma/ emotional release spiritual healer 


Pranic Healing 

Pranic Healing Therapy 

Pranic Healing is a non- touch energy therapy correcting the energy imbalances of simple or complex disorders. It works by removing ‘used up’ or blocked, negative energy and replacing it with fresh, vital energy called Prana, which is life force energy comeing from fresh air, earth and sun. Clear Quartz Vogel Crystals is a healing crystal, it is programmed specifically to project healing energy 'Prana'. Clear Quartz crystals are an excellent tool for Pranic Healers and when used during Pranic Healing treatments, increase the rate of healing energy by 50 to 100%  Helping the body, mind & Soul recover naturally.

Conditions or issues that Pranic Healing works with 

  • High levels of Stress 

  • Anxiety/ Depression/ Trauma (Adults, teens & children's)

  • Fertility issues 

  • Sleeping disorders

  • Weight issues 

  • Vertigo 

  • Back Pain/ Migraines/ Arthritis/ Physical Pain in general  etc

  • Quiting Smoking 

  • Fears/ Phobias 

  • Cancer 

During your first visit Dominique a fully qualified international certifed Pranic Healer & level 2 Reiki practioner will confidentially start a healing profile with you. Each persons individual issues or concerns are always different, for this reason the best form of therapy and treatment plan will be discussed & planned for you. 

1st time clients - Initial Consultation $79 - 30 minutes 

Receive a 10% discount at time of appointment when presenting a valid Pension card, Student card or health card.

After this time we begin Spiritual Healing therapy normally suggest one treatment once a week for 3 week's - These appointments will run for 30 minutes as well @ $79


All rates & times effective from Sept 2017

Pranic Cellular Healing- Emotional & or Trauma letting go!

This treatment works with traumas or events in your life that have left emotional or physical pain that you feel is making it hard to move forward in your life!

Every cell has the capability for information, action, power and communication. A person can Endeavour to think positively but at the subconscious level, stored deep within the cell’s consciousness is the residual negative program that is continuously passed on to the new cells, thus, sustaining dis-ease. Pranic healing can touch and positively affect the inner workings of the cells as there is a bridge between ordinary reality and spiritual reality. We can alter the cellular environment and erase negative cellular memories, removing the energetic and physical information present in the cells with Pranic Healing. Thus, the cell has no negative information to transfer to the new cells. 

Pranic Cellular Healing (Trauma Recovery) 60 minute appointment $155 

Please note if you have not been seen by Dominique before our it has been at least 6 months since your last treatment in the clinic please book an initial consult @ 30 minutes before booking Pranic Cellular Healing.

One treatment once per month for 3 months is recommended but not always nessasary! 

Inclusions: Pranic Cellular healing therapy treatment, Plus Single bowl energy rebalance.

Testimonial Pranic Cellular Healing can be read at our review page here.

Please note if this is your first time seeing Dominique - please firstly book in for an - Initial Consultation $79 - 30 minutes after your treatment plan has been organised at your first appointment Dominique will assist to book the Pranic Cellular healing treatment as part of your treatment plan.



Reiki Therapy 

Reiki treatment is a wondeful treatment if your wanting to relax & experience Spiritual energy. Following a traditional pattern of hand positions, resting

without pressure on or above the body. Reiki is pure energy, and

brings aboutdeep relaxation and healing. 

Reiki, meaning 'universal life force energy', aims to improve health and enhance the quality of life. It treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and creates many beneficial effects including relaxation and feelings of peace, security and wellbeing. Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of spiritual healing and self-improvement that everyone can use. 

During a Reiki treatment, the patient usually lies fully clothed on a padded table in a warm, comfortable room. For stress reduction two to three sessions are satisfactory, however for chronic conditions long-term treatment may be recommended. Due to its gentle nature, many people fall asleep during this soothing experience of healing.

Initial Conultation 30 minutes $79

Reiki healing treatment 30 minutes $79