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I have seen Dominique 3 times in total for Pranic Healing. With so much stuff happening in my life, I was struggling to sleep. Night time is when my mind would constantly think and not stop. Only having a maximum of 5 hours of sleep a night. Since seeing Dominique I get at least 8-9 hours sleep. Dominique is very professional at what she does, she makes you feel very comfortable and her work is truly amazing! Thank you so much

21 March 2016 · Liz Arendtsz (Facebook Review)  Pranic Healing treatment

"My healing sessions with Dominique have made a tremendous positive impact in my life. Dominique is very professional in her approach and comforting.  I came to Dominique because a traumatizing event I had experienced 8 months earlier was still affecting me and making me feel worse over time.  Due to this event I was experiencing high levels of anxiety, fear, anger and resentment that I just could not put at ease.  I had two pranic cellular healing sessions one month apart, and before and in between these I also had the pranic healing sessions.  I cannot tell you how much better I felt after especially the first pranic cellular healing session.  My anxiety and fear in relation to this event almost disappeared.  Then after the second session one month later I released my anger and resentment and actually felt such a strong desire for forgiveness it was amazing.  I must say I initially wondered if this was just a temporary improvement of some sort because I just couldn't believe the difference in me, but now many months later I can definitely confirm that my treatment was successful and extremely healing.  I highly recommend the pranic cellular healing sessions for anyone that has experienced a trauma of any sort to help them completely let go and heal."

- Michelle C Being Treated for Past Traumas and Current Anxiety. Testimonial 19th Nov. Treatment time 2 months

Treatment Pranic Healing & Pranic Cellular Healing 


Pranic Healing helped with Vertigo. After suffering for 13 days of non stop head spinning, my wife turned to Pranic Healing for relief. At this time she was taking medication but only felt the side effects of the medication. Within a few hours after her session the spinning stopped. She felt off balance for the rest of the day but after a good night's sleep that passed. Two days after the Pranic healing session, the spinning had completely gone & she felt normal again. Its now 5 days after the session & she is 100%. Pranic Healing helped to cure her Vertigo after one session. We'd like to thank Domenique so much. Daniela is looking forward to her next session with you.

John Kaxos reviewed Vertigo treatment using Pranic Healing therapy 12 Feb 2015.

"I highly recommend to anyone to try pranic healing, I have now completed 6 sessions with Dom so far & I came to her with an open mind as I have been suffering depression for sometime & I had just become stuck in a rut, my life was at a cross roads & I was letting fear hold me back. From the first session I started to feel changes in my behavior straight away, I have more energy, happier with learning to let go of things that hold me back. I'm even out there dating again. I really feel the changes have impacted my life to my benefit & my Doctor is happy to take me off my medication now. My next part of my journey will be meditation classes, which I'm really looking forward too! Thank you so much :) P.S the detox session was amazing & totally worth a try!"

- Being Treated with Pranic Healing Therapy for Depression. August 2013

"I came across Taylors Hill Natural Therapies when I was looking for Pranic Healing treatments as it was suggested it had a rapid and quick response to treating Psychological issues and disorders. I suffered with Anxiety for over 35 years and a couple a years ago I honestly had enough and wanted to get rid of it once and for all. Medication wasn’t allowing me to deal with my issues just suppressing it. Over a space of a year I tried a couple of natural therapies and other types of spiritual healing modalities.

First there was Hypnosis Therapy I had several treatments about 9 actually and at the time they seem to help for a while. Unfortunately, the issues came up again a few months later. I felt the worst at night. I then tried Energy healing, felt ok for a while again but it didn’t last. So after reading up and referred to try Pranic Healing for its advanced techniques to help treat Anxiety I decided to give it ago.

I found Dominique’s treatments to be the most amazing out of all I had tried.  I had not only responded very quickly to the treatment my anxiety seemed to be going away completely. Dominique also helped me uncover in our consultations 3 major tragedies in my life going back many years ago could have been the triggers for the anxiety as each event also took place in the evenings and that’s when my anxiety what come on. I really didn’t think about it like that in the past but it made sense!! Dominique offered a different type of Pranic Healing Therapy called 'Cellular Healing Therapy'. Which got to the deep root of the memories and treated it intensely with this form of Pranic healing. We dealt with one issue at a time. And I tell you not only did my anxiety stop completely but if I ever think of these tragic events I feel peaceful and calm now. Honestly I would recommend Dominique to anyone. Don’t wait as Long as I did it took me 35 years to be able to let go of the pain. I feel confident, happy and at peace now. I even had the coverage to take a solo trip to Perth and I loved it not one bit of anxiety.

- Angela H. 59, Sydenham 21st February 2013. Treating Anxiety and Trauma. Pranic Healing & Cellular Healing treatment.

"Thank you very much Dominique for your treatments. I have been receiving pranic healing from Dominique for the last month or so. The room in which treatment takes place is comfortable, peaceful and filled with positive energy. I have been dealing with anxiety and depression for approximately 5 months. Since I received Pranic healing on several occasions, my anxiety had subsided with the combination of the healings and medication. I received a cellular healing treatment which was lovely, and I have noticed a change in my mood once I cleared the deep seeded issue a few days ago. I feel more positive and detached from some of the things that were worrying me. Dominique is very friendly and approachable and I look forward to our future treatments."

- Kristen V, Singer, 22, St Albans 19th August 2012. Treating Anxiety and Depression - Pranic Healing Treatment

"I just wanted to say Pranic Healing at Taylors Hill Natural Therapies has helped me over come anxiety this year.  Last year I was taking Valium at least twice a week I felt so reliant on it.  I suffered from chest pain too. I knew I couldn’t go on like this, I needed to do something about it and the natural and spiritual approach was what I was looking for. I had tried other energy work before finding this website it would help a little bit but not long after the treatment I would start getting anxiety again. I tried Dominique’s recommended treatment plan over 3 weeks and to my surprise I couldn’t believe it!!! I was feeling better and for longer after just a handful of sessions. Now 10 months later I can safely say I haven’t had the need for anxiety medication in over 8 months in fact I'm about to start a Pranic Healing workshop offered by Dominique at her clinic to help me in my everyday life. I feel stronger and happy within myself. I would recommend Pranic Healing to anyone for such disorders."

- Angela H. 59, Sydenham 8th August 2012. Treating Anxiety Pranic Healing 

"I was 17 when I was first diagnosed with severe depression and anxiety. During the past thirteen years I have been on numerous anti- depression medications and seen all kinds of different therapists, all of which were temporary fixes. As soon as the therapy ended, within months and sometimes even weeks, I would find myself slipping back into my darkness. So a few months ago I began slipping and went through one of my darkest moments ever, it was at this time I decided to try a different course of action and started Pranic Healing therapy. I was crying everyday and could barely drag myself out of bed because the depression was so bad when I fist met Dominique. After the first session of Pranic Healing I just stopped crying and I felt normal again, even almost happy. After two weeks and four Pranic Healing sessions later I was a completely different person. For once in my life I was happy and could visualize a future.   But more importantly I found that I could cope with even the most stressful situations now, nothing was too hard. I know that I can move forward with my life and that I have left the darkness behind me forever. Every day I am grateful that I made the decision to give Pranic Healing a chance; it really has changed my life. Thank you so much Dominique"

- Samantha J ,31 (Keillor Downs) November 2010. Treating Severe Depression Pranic Healing 

"Hi Dominique, I honestly was ready to give up on trying just one more therapy for weight issues; lots of empty promises from other types of treatment centers had taken its toll.  However, after reading the useful information you gave me through your website and the recommendations from friends who had successfully been treated through Pranic healing treatment I decided to give it a go! After having only 2 Pranic Healing treatments with you, I couldn't believe the positive difference it was making so soon.  I have suffered from emotional issues for sometime now which for years led me to have no control over my eating habits which in turn made it hard to keep the weight off. After only one treatment I felt the stress and emotional pain lifted completely.  I no longer felt the need to eat heavily and I was even out walking and exercising the very next day. Thank you so much for being professional and very helpful in meeting my needs. I would and will recommend you to anyone who needs it."

- Anthea C 44. (Port Melbourne) March 2011. Treating emotional issues/ stress and weight loss- Pranic Healing 

"Thanks Dominique for your professionalism and wisdom. Your treatments have continued to help me to get through some tough times even when I was doubtful of mys elf. The positive energy you have shared with me is so valuable. I'm so pleased I have found you as a resource for natural healing in my life. I find I walk away from every session ten times better than when I walked in. Thankyou. "

- Margaret A, 37 Burnside Heights Pranic Healing treatment

"I have been on anxiety medication for some time now. For a long term I didn't want to rely on medications and even with that support I was still feeling anxious allot of the time. I wasn't relaxed walking into Dom's clinic the first time, however she asked me to relax and taught me some breathing techniques before we began the treatment, which helped a great deal. I was also given a breathing technique download that I listen to regularly to relax and that helps day to day. Session one I was asked to describe my anxiety levels out of 10, it was a 9 which was about normal for me. By the end of the session I was asked to rate my anxiety levels and to my surprise it was a 4. It's very rare that my anxiety decreases so low with or without my medication or any other treatments. I am now up to my 3rd visit in 3 weeks and I was asked to rate my anxiety levels again, I walked in with about 3 out of 10 and left the session a 1 out of 10. The treatments have really improved my life, what a difference!"

- Marg A (Burnside) June 2010. Treating anxiety