Wellness Packages 

Spiritual Bliss & Renew




This is the ultimate Spiritual Healing & Massage Therapy treatment here at Taylors Hill Natural Therapies. 


- 7 Chakra aromatherapy relaxtion massage

- Reiki Healing Therapy 

- Relaxing Facial with hot towel therapy 

-  Balancing sound healing therapy from our 1600 century tibetan singing bowl.

- Complimentary Gift 150 ml Lavender essential oil spray mist (Valued $20.00)

Duration 120 minutes

This months special only $207 (Total Value $320.00)  



Winter Warmer 




Relax & keep warm with our newest signature package this Autumn & Winter. 


- Hot stone massage with warm coconut oil 

- Reiki Therapy to rebalance & destress

- Relaxing Facial with hot towel therapy

- Soothing Peppermint Foot scrub 

- Complimentary Gift 150 ml Lavender & Eucalytpus essential oil spray mist (Valued $20.00)

Duration 120 minutes 

This months special only $217 (Total Value $330) 


Detox & relax 




Take the ultimate detoxing treatment with us here at Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga 


- Cupping Massage Therapy 

- Reiki healing Therapy 

- Ear Candling 

- Complimentary Gift 150 ml Lavender & Lemongrass essential oil spray mist (Valued $20.00)

Duration 120 minutes 

This months special only $197 (Total Value $265)


Me time before baby time




In your second & third trimester discover some time for YOU to relax & renew before your baby arrives.

- Relaxtion Massage during Pregnancy

- Soothing Foot scrub with warm towel therapy

- Relaxing Facial 

- Relaxing & calming sound therapy connecting baby & mummy

- Complimentary Gift 150 ml Lavender essential oil spray mist (Valued $20.00

Duration 120 minutes 

This months special only $199 (Total Value $270)


Please note if we are fully booked out for the month you are looking at thats ok we will honor your package if booked into the next month. 

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