An easier birth is possible workshop

Feel calm, confident and preapred for birth and mothering. Offering a complete mind-body approuch.

Join us for a workshop that combines conscious breathing, yoga and meditation with practical information about the physical and emotional changes that labouring women experiences & much more.


Yoga has been around for 1000's of year, many postures, and breathing techniques that may be very helpfull stem from the yogic practices. Even if you have never done yoga before this workshop is highly informative & can be easy to implement in labour. 

Dominique our qualified Prenatal yoga teacher, Mum of 2 & Director of the studio will be running a very special work shop in the studio in late September for further assistants working towards labour for those who would love to relax and learn more, let go of fears, stress & deal with pain effectively

If you wish to come along to a future workshop please email us here


Inclusions topics and practical sections of workshop.

Relaxaxtion and body awarness, can Yoga guarantee & easy birth? Breathing for labour, Alternative remedies for Mums to Be, Warm towel therapy to sooth aching feet, Stage of labour discussion, Relaxation & Body Awareness,  Active during labour (Poses in the birthing room), Pregnancy affirmation & meditation, setting the mood with lighting, senses & music. 

Complimentary take home booklet of all notes & useful tips plus bonus relaxing audio 

Bring 2 large pillows from home to use during prep work, tea, Fruit, scones for morning & afternoon tea provided.  When?TBA

9.30am to 3:30pm  Part one just the Mums to be Starts 9:30am to 12pm

Lunch Break 12pm until 1pm.

Part 2 Mums to be & birth partner 1pm until 3:30pm.

Total investment $249 per couple (Health fund rebates may apply)

Relax, let go & prepare for labour with this inspiring, educational & relaxing 1 day Yoga workshop at 9.30am we start on Sunday 24th of Sept.