Workshops coming up in 2018


Finally our Gourmet tea workshop is coming back this August 

Week in week out so many of our clients get to enjoy & love our gourmet signature teas here at Taylors Hill Natural Therapies & Yoga prepared, created & served by Chef Damian.

We invite you to come along and enjoy this fun & informative workshop on tea making.

Enjoy for the first time EVER Damian as the Mad Hatter for this workshop & for a bit of fun join us in wonderland as the studio is transformed for this special event.




Whats included 

* Chef Damian will demonstrate how to make all our yummy gourmet tea's 

* handy hints for serving hot & cold.

* You will also have the chance to taste all 10+ gourmet teas from his range here 

at Taylors Hill Natural Therapies 

* Receive a take home copy of all tea receipe's 

* Afternoon tea - yummy fresh fruit, gourmet gluten free scones & home made chocolates 

* Our gift for you a glass tea pot & tea warmer glass stand Value $69 

* Dominique will also come along to take you through a relaxing meditation session on the day. 

After this workshop you will be ready to start impressing your friends & family, making your own gourmet teas. 

All this amazing value for only $149 - 3 hours workshop

When: August 19th of August  Time: 2pm until 5pm 

High levels of Stress & depression & anxiety workshop with Yoga 

Need to relax and reset from stress?

This is your time to indulge and look after yourself and truly find your inner balance.


Enjoy a 1 & ½ hour blissful yoga & meditation class 
3 valuable breath work techniques  shared & enjoyed 
Singing Bowl healing Therapy group session 
Yummy, gluten free, afternoon tea & refreshing, gourmet teas provided
Vision board therapy 
Learn a 7minute night time yoga unwind session for a better night’s sleep
Take home booklet.
Health fund rebates may apply
 When: Sunday 9th September 1pm until 5:30pm

 Year, New You - Vision Boards therapy, Chants, Affirmations to start the Year well.

Come join us for this interactive workshop with singing bowel therapy, chants & affirmations to prepare you for a clearer mind, calmer and focused self which will lead you into creating all your goals & visions for 2018 & beyond. Vision Boards have proven to be successful in helping manifest all our hearts desires.

2-hour investment includes, all workshop inclusions, our gourmet signature tea served with

handmade chocolates & seasonal fruits plus take-home Vision board folders, notes. 

When: 2019 dates yet to be announced  Investment $65